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What problem would YOU solve with the Specim IQ?

Do you have an idea of how a portable VNIR hyperspectral imager such as the Specim IQ could solve a significant problem, reducing cost, lost time, waste or safety hazards? Can the Specim IQ enable your company to streamline your processes and increase quality control in a way that was previously unachievable?

This is your chance to prove it!

Specim has announced their newest contest featuring their cutting edge Specim IQ! Participants from various fields world-wide are given the opportunity to create novel innovative applications utilizing the unique capabilities of the Specim IQ.

Specim is accepting applications at until March 8th, 2019. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed and a number of finalists will be chosen.

Finalists will recieve online training for the Specim IQ and it's accessories, and will recieve a complete Specim IQ and Pro Accessories Pack for 3 months to test their proposal. All finalists will present their findings and submit a white paper by the end of July 2019.

Winner will receive their very own FREE Specim IQ and Pro Accessories Pack!

This contest is open to individual participants and groups world-wide! You can even apply more than once!

Check out the Specim IQ App Contest page for more details!