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MWIR spectral camera

SPECIM is offering a basic spectral camera for MWIR applications. It consists of high-speed or high-resolution cooled InSb sensor and SPECIM M-series imaging spectrograph optimised for this wavelength range. The system is optimal for high-speed industrial or high-resolution research applications. The main applications for MWIR range spectral imaging are sorting of black polymers and detection of minerals in geology.

Spectral CameraMWIRF-CL-380-M50M-OEMMWIRF-CL-120-M50M-OEM
SpectrographImSpector M50MImSpector M50M
Spectral Range3.0 - 5.0 µm3.0 - 5.0 µm
Spectral Resolution35 nm35 nm
Spectral Sampling/Pixel16.67 nm8.33 nm
AberrationsSmile < 2 µm Keystone < 4 µmSmile < 2 µm Keystone < 4 µm
Numerical ApertureF/2.0F/2.0
Slit Width120 µm120 µm
Effective Slit Length19.2 mm19.2 mm
Pixels in Image Frame320 x 256640 x 515
Active Pixels320 x 120640 x 240
Pixel Size30 µm15 µm
Camera OutputCL / GigECL / GigE
Frame Rate380 / 800 fps120 / 240 fps
Exposure Time Range1 µs - 20 ms1 µs - 20 ms
Power Consumption30 W30 W
Input Voltage12 Vdc12 Vdc
Storage Temperature-20 - +85°C-20 - +85°C
Operating Temperature+5 - +40°C+5 - +40°C
Size (LxWxH)250 x 275 x 87 mm250 x 275 x 87 mm
Weight5.0 kg5.0 kg
BodyAnodized aluminum and painted steel with mounting screw holesAnodized aluminum and painted steel with mounting screw holes
Lens MountCustom MountCustom Mount
User AdjustmentsNoneNone
Fore LensesOLESM43OLEM23
Field of View24°45°
Dimensions (length x lens tube diameter)50 mm x 33 mm30 mm x 28 mm
Weight100 g70 g
Optomechanical Output InterfaceCustom to CameraCustom to Camera