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High resolution Xlin-1.7-3000 InGaAs detector

The high resolution Xlin-1.7-3000 InGaAs detector is specifically designed for earth observation. The detector is based on mechanical butting of three InGaAs photodiode arrays with each 1024 pixels on a 25 μm pixel pitch, forming a nearly continuous line of 2900 pixels. The sensors come in an hermetically sealed package with an anti-reflective coated window or in an open package (optional).

Thanks to their high sensitivity and quantum efficiency they operate at very low illumination levels.

The read-out integrated circuit includes Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) and autozero features, enabling low Dark Signal Non Uniformity (DSNU).

A selectable integration time and capacitor allow for fine tuning the conversion gain in flight. You can choose from High Sensitivity (HS) mode and High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. Furthermore the high maximum line rate of 10 kHz enables a high resolution in the time domain.