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Specim AFX10

The Specim AFX10 is a VNIR hyperspectral imaging solution featuring an HSI camera, small and powerful computer, and a high end GNSS/IMU unit in one compact enclosure!

It is a state of the art solution weighing only 2.5kg that can be used on multiple drone types - multirotor or fixed wing, with or without a gimbal. Data is acquired automatically following the waypoints on a flight plan, making the AFX10 easy to operate.

Specim AFX10 Technical Specifications
Spectral CameraAFX10
Spectral range400-1000 nm
Spectral bands224
Spectral FWHM5.5 nm
Spatial sampling1024 pixels
Field of view38 deg
Frame rateUp to 330 fps
Dimensions130 x 152 x 202 mm
Weight2.5 kg