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Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

Specim’s AisaKESTREL is the first professional quality hyperspectral sensor range, intended for UAVs and other platforms of limited payload size. AisaKESTREL 10 (400 – 1 000 nm) and AisaKESTREL 16 (600 – 1 640 nm) are built to the same strictest data quality requirements as Specim’s world renowned AisaEAGLE and AisaFENIX sensors, using the experience gathered through 20 years of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing.



  • Push-broom imager with high light throughput
  • Outstanding spatial resolution of 2048 pixels
  • Radiometrically and spectrally stable data
  • High signal-to-noise ratio in the entire region of 400-1000 nm or 600-1640 nm
  • Complete UAV system compatible with various platforms with 5 kg payload